Our soil products serve the needs of the San Antonio area. Our goal is to help create healthy lawns and gardens


Enriched Soil is our flagship soil product. By blending our nutrient-rich compost with locally-sourced soil, we can offer a soil product that will provide a stable source of carbon and nutrients to your project for years to come. It is great for residential or commercial projects and serves well for sod, beds, and any type of landscape planting.


FORTIFIED Soils is a whole line of enhanced soils. Mycorrhizae, Sand, Sulfur, Gypsum, Humic Acids, are just a few of the options that will be available. Blending our compost with these enhanced additives will create special blends to solve many different soil and planting problems


We are able to source several types of soils from the San Antonio region and blend them into final products to meet your landscaping needs or specifications. Soil types include: Houston black clay, sandy loam, various sands, and other local soils.


Talk to us about your large-scale project needs and we can develop custom blends that meets your requirements!



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